Lite-Brite Remembrance Activity

We are always looking for creative and non-threatening ways to allow our clients to express themselves.  Here is one that is fun and incorporates one of our favorite toys, Hasbro’s Lite-Brite.

Select Pattern

Ask the client to write a message to his loved one who is gone or have him select a pattern that represents his loved one.  Here is a link to Lite-Brite patterns that you can print or create thanks to Hasbro.

Create Design

The client will create her design.  While she is working on her design, you can allow her to lead the conversation, this always seems to be the best time for a client to talk and process.  Once the client completes her design, make sure you find a dark space so that she can view her work.  This pattern says, “I miss u” and includes a heart.

Lite Brite 2







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